About Us - Web Design

Greetings, my name's David Davies and its good to welcome you to this site. In reality I'm really a tree surgeon by trade and I started developing and creating websites roughly eight years back. Quite an extreme change you might suppose but I slipped into it successfully and today it just seems to be "what I do". Though now and again I build websites just for fun, I do obviously in addition try to generate a little bit of revenue out of it (to buy hosting, domain names and so forth). In all honesty I've found it a thrilling challenge, brainstorming concepts and applying them.

I have no idea in regards to you, but I have definitely become fed up of endless advertising and promotions thrown in my face on websites, annoying pop-up windows offering rubbish I don't want and newsletters I will not read, and needing to logon or join to accomplish anything at all on the majority of current websites, meaning that my email account is gonna get spammed to death and i'm no doubt going to burn my valuable time on a daily basis removing all of this rubbish. I would imagine that you feel much the same way don't you? I hope you will not feel that way having visited this website.

This website is not dynamic and so stuff is not going to be constantly moving or take ages to load. You will not be instructed to sign up or sign in and you won't receive any unnecessary newsletters or e-mails. You'll likely see some promotional material here, but it is not pushed down your gullet. And you will never get pop-ups you can't close down.

It has always been my objective to turn out simple, easy to use sites which are quick to load and hassle free. I hope I've achieved this with this site and that you've enjoyed browsing around, or perhaps at least not been disappointed by it.

I am not a web designer myself so please do not contact me with any queries related to website design or for price quotes for web design projects, this site was made to advise you of the various ways to get a reputable web designer by yourself.

I can't endorse or recommend any specific service, I've just simply provided a few strategies for finding one, the choice is ultimately yours alone.

I expect to welcome you here again in the future and cheers yet again for your visit.